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Why are soothing coaches? Or passenger's story ...

I do love buses, despite the fact that long herself "on wheels". They have something ... This ... inviting and soothing at the same time. Urban images float by with the most optimal speed - not fast and not slow. Among those fleeting snatches two or three friends and have time to think about how cool that your small town is so compact and comfortable, as souvenir box.

Unlike buses capital cities, where to hang out and rushed to the handrail as vyhlopyvaemy rug and systemically pressueshsya at each stop, really feeling the relief in front of and behind the stand - you can be, and often sit perfectly preserving its passenger dignity. Get "hands on" someone else's child, make room vociferous babuske or woman with a bulging belly eloquently - in the capitals of such an anachronism - a rarity. So please feel free to experiment there - your action tantamount to exploit.

At the rear platform of the ride is particularly interesting: there forever tolchetsya rzhuschaya svezhemordaya young gay and talkative drunk uncle. Recently, a few minutes watching the "atypical" a young man who drove five wonderful roses. He had a gaunt face and sad, sleepy, sad eyes. It was evident that to himself he has a mental dialogue, as from time to time he twitched beautiful eyebrows. Probably went to put up with a girl and not really counting on the persuasive power of flowers. I think he was all "popravdeshnemu", that is very serious. A whole gaggle of pretty girls laughing and left it stone-cold. He did not notice that one of them is two minutes of standing on his shoes. Before leaving he sighed ... "Good luck ..." - secretly wished I was.

I hate to go "cue", but even so you can find their strengths. Usually, the events in such buses are deployed along two lines: suppressed scandal or unrestrained universal merriment. In this and in another case, there is a real opportunity to enrich your vocabulary. The main thing - listen! "Young people do not breathe my rear ..." curtain.

Separately, you can write a children's spontaneity, which is exacerbated by the buses incredible. "Mom! Mama! Today in the garden Vadik punished for what he said a bad word! He even stood in the corner for what he said "... ..»!» Tint mom at this point is not transmitted even Aivazovsky ...

You often scanned the faces of the conductors? No? In vain ... For them, you can determine with some degree of comfort you will reach your destination. Malicious grymzy among the conductors becoming increasingly rare. Even at the end of the workday and rush hour. Smiling, friendly establishment in the service station no longer a rarity. The driver of the bus, too often radiates contentment, he played "Russian radio" or a funny creature hanging on the suction cup.

About the inscriptions in the buses as some write separately. Fortunately, the times when the rhetoric and abbreviations stupidly vykoryabyvalis in his seat and quietly walk away. But the carriers themselves clearly baldezha sake, but for the edification and hung up the wonderful educational posters and messages. This is the subject of a mini-study, which leads to endless creative thinking on stable radicals in the brains of employees and their service center does nepodavlyaemom sense of humor. "A timely paid fare will protect your teeth better than" Blendamed. Impressive?

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