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Europe economy class?

Want to see Europe? I think most readers will answer "yes" to this simple question. If your financial situation does not allow you to travel on your own car or by plane, then pay attention to bus tours.

Approximately 450 cu a ten-trip. As they say, cheap and good.

The main benefit: You'll be able to embrace the boundless. For example, 11 days to visit 5 countries and several major European cities. Only drawback is that you see all this beauty almost in passing. Such tours travelers often called "Crossing Europe", and this joke has a grain of truth. In just 20 minutes on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, 15 minutes near the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and a lot of queues - this should be ready.

Another definite plus: You can see the country (and not just big cities) and can see the different characteristics of each of them, riding any terrain. Bus window allows you to do it. Good roads, a variety of cars, unusual houses, buildings, mills ... objects for observation during the long journeys you enough.

And then before you open an unconditional negative: half of his journey you will spend on the road. Typically, the program is constructed as follows: early morning (6-7 hours) is dedicated to raising and breakfast, about 8-9 hours bus leaves before dinner to have time to get to any city to hold the planned excursions, and in 15-16 hours again sit on a bus and go all evening (in some rounds, by the way, there are night travel).

Bus tours offer you a certain freedom. Excursions into the core value of vouchers is not included, so you have a choice: either to keep their group, or walk independently. Some travel companies distribute cards to its customers all visited the city and metro. Moreover, the group must have a guide who will explain how and where to get-go. And if you lose, you have at hand will always be a list of hotels along the route. People in Europe are generally very friendly and are sure to help you get to your hotel.

Europe on the bus is not empty your wallet. Also a plus. In addition to the basic tour price, you pay for visa and insurance (85 euros), the guarantee payment from the place (10 euros), to defer approximately 200 euros per trip, and about 500-600 for personal expenses, the latter amount depends on how many days you spend on a trip. The day tourists spend an average of 30-50 euros, and this includes lunch and souvenirs, and entrance fees to the toilet, and entertainment.

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