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Buses in America

Bus charters in America

Almost always a bus in America is the cheapest means of transportation. Most of the national long-distance routes serving company Goeyhaund "(Greyhound). There are also regional companies. For example, buses "Piter Pan" (Peter Pan) ply in New England. Tickets can be purchased in advance, and before the flight at the bus station - in both cases it is desirable to do so as soon as possible. You have the right to refuse to go - you return the money. If you buy long-distance ticket, which allows to make long stops along the way, every time, intending to continue the journey at the bus station, you must advance validate the coupon to the ticket (this is done to ensure that you found a place on the bus).

From that, how far you go, the season, the return date and other terms depends on ticket price and the discount rate. "Goeyhaund" and "Treylueyz" provide a discount for certain categories of passengers: children under 2 years -40%, and persons accompanying a disabled-50%. Tickets for the elderly is at 5% deshevlepolnogo. Timetable of buses throughout the United States can be found on the toll free number.

For overseas visitors (that is, for you and me), the company Treyhaund offers ticket "Ameripas" (Amehpass), allowing travel to the U.S. by bus companies Greyhaund "and" Treylueyz. "Travel for 7 days costs $ 283, 15 - $ 415, 30 - $ 522, 60 - $ 645. You can also purchase additional coupons for $ 15 for each extra day of travel. Term "Ameripasa" calculated from the date of the first trip.

At bus stations, even in the tiniest of towns, almost always are restaurants, ticket, luggage and transit-prison services, travel, luggage and a waiting room. But do not plan to stay there for long: the bus station in America - not the safest place to relax.
Almost always at the station "Goeyhaund" quick, though expensive, have a snack in the cafeteria or burgernoy.
All branches of the baggage compartment occupied by the bus station are rare, but at the very least your luggage can be stored per day ($ 1.50) in the luggage compartment of the station.

In America, there is no problem of overcrowded buses: if you do not have enough seats in a bus, the company always will give the second. If you are at an intermediate stop and you are looking for a bus roared past, do not worry, this means that there is no vacant seats, the next, less complete, the bus must stop.

Adults are allowed to take a free 2 luggage space (the total weight of baggage to 54 kg), children - 1 (up to 22 kg). At the baggage necessarily secure marking (a label, sticker with the name and coordinates) - otherwise you have a chance to say goodbye forever to their belongings. Values and everything you need to take a bus.

American drivers for some reason prefer the cold heat, and temperature in the cabin of the bus can be very low. You thoroughly prodrognete, if you will not be with a jacket, sweater or pullover. The trip from coast to coast, with brief stops every 3-4 hours, will take at least 3 days. Sleep will have a bus, and for this very useful for a sleeping bag.

Most bus routes designed to take you from town to town, and nothing more. The interests of travel are rarely taken into account. If you want to make new friends, look into the secret corners of the United States, would be the best trip to the "Green Turtle", the bus company "Goheen toutes" (Green Tortoise - literally: the green turtle).

Slowly and not so purposefully, making countless stops in the most picturesque places, the bus is moving from district to district, from state to state. Route as such does not exist. Known only to a destination, and what zakoupkami go, decide for themselves passengers on the job.

"Green Turtle" - a house on wheels, which can accommodate 30-40 people. The bus has a bed with mattresses, chairs and even refrigerators and stoves. With a group of usually travel guide and cook. Meal outdoors can prepare passengers themselves. On the day of the food has to spend no more than $ 8-12

Journey to the Green Tortoise "from New York or Boston to San Francisco lasted 14 days and costs an average of $ 780. If you like, from San Francisco you can go in any direction on a different route: Seattle-Los Angeles. Full ride on it costs $ 175.

"Green toutes offers and circular routes that begin and end in San Francisco. The three-day trip to Yosemite National Park costs $ 220, a two-day-$ 160. In Southern California, you will spend time on the beach, ride a yacht, going into windsurfing. Orders are accepted at: Green Tortoise Adventure Travel; 494 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94133.

You can take part in the journey by minibus, a group of young people from different countries, which organizes the company Santrek. Tour lasts from 2 to 5 weeks, and select one of several dozen "tracks" can be by contacting the Center for International Exchange (see page 6). The total cost of such travel, including flights to the U.S. and back-from $ 2400.

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