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Bus "exotic"

Bus "exotic"

Some travel companies still go to the inflated costs and buy new modern avtolaynery. Thus, in particular, comes a company organizing cruises on the Dnieper and the Black Sea coast under the name "Chervona Ruta. Cruise, who arrives in Odessa, meet some modern tourist buses passazhirovmesti big bridge, in which participants go on a cruise tour of the city and region. But these are isolated cases, which are also unpromising: all extra fees and charges for "rastamazhi-vanii" bus increases the cost of the cruise tours and, consequently, reduce the profits of the operator - because prices for cruises determined by the market and inflate to infinity and can not be.

Some travel companies, particularly in the western regions of the country, hired to transport groups of tourists, foreign coaches, mainly Polish, Slovak or Hungarian. There are cases that the employer records specifically transport or travel company in the territory of neighboring countries - to move away from draconian customs duties and excise taxes, as well as access to cheap credit and affordable leasing schemes for the purchase of vehicles. After that, foreign coaches without any problems transporting groups as foreign tourists to enter the country, and Ukrainian - to leave.

This method of replenishment of the bus quotes vacuum in the present circumstances would have looked quite promising, if not for one "but": Ukraine is still not formally joined the European Convention INTERBUS, which regulates the international non-scheduled passenger traffic (although much use of some tools interbusovskimi). Thus, leaving Ukrainian buses, which carry out non-scheduled transportation, and thus the tourist groups, as well as the entry of foreign coaches for the same purpose, by special permission - for occasional transport of passengers. And the annual quota of permits, as a rule, small and measured a few dozen, on the strength of hundreds of copies (the maximum number of documents established between Ukraine and Poland - 500 units for each side). Finally join INTERBUSu Ukraine does not hurry, hence the massive expansion into the Ukrainian market kvaziinostrannyh buses, which are carried out regularly, including travel and transportation, can lead to the fact that the car belonging to the Ukrainian owner and next to Ukraine for the transport of Ukrainian same group of tourists, just not from the border because of lack of permits.

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