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Offers domestic automotive

Offers domestic automotive

Today in Ukraine, four major avtostroitelnye companies producing passenger bus quotes. It concerns "Bogdan" and "benchmark", Kherson Plant of Al-torus "and, of course, LAZ. In addition, there are several small industries, specializing in manufacturing, but rather, assemble buses, such as Galicia car factory in Lviv or "Root" in the Donbass. Concern "Bogdan" and "benchmark" from time to time attempting to market the domestic version of the average tourist bus passenger-zhirovmestimosti (up to 30 seats). These attempts, however, did not enjoy particular success, mainly because that "Bogdan", and "benchmark" are making their buses on truck chassis. This means that such machines are not available, for example, air suspension - an indispensable element for a relatively comfortable transportation of passengers on domestic routes.

Nevertheless, these buses are common in Ukraine, including for the transport of tourist groups. However, a full-fledged tourist transport them, no doubt, can not be named.

Kherson Plant AntoRus "in the near future to produce transportation for tourists not intend to. Its leaders have focused on the production of buses of small and medium buses for urban and suburban transport. However, a few years ago, Kherson producer attempted to establish cooperation with the Polish plant «Autosan» and produce medium-range airliner, suitable for the service of tourist groups, and even presented a sample of such a machine at one of the shows SIA. But this attempt failed. Lviv Automobile Plant produces long-haul liner NeoLAZ ", as well as tourist" Liner-9 "and" Liner-12 ". "Liner-9", but rather can be attributed to the coaches of medium-range (ie 300-400 km) than to the tourist. However, the number of cars in Ukraine is insignificant, mainly because of the small capacity production line: their main power LAZ refocused on the production of buses and trolleybuses. The same can be said about "NeoLAZe": today it is released under the order, ie the piece.

As for the small producers, they specialize in large-assembly of buses mainly small (ie, up to 22 seats) class on the basis of truck chassis, and potentially to market tourism techniques do not plan to leave.

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