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How many millionaires can be found in the bus charters

Wealthy classes in the U.S., or how many millionaires can be found in the bus charters

According to the calculations of various financial institutions and business publications in the world by the beginning of this year, there were about 800 billionaires and about 10 million people, a state where more than a million dollars. Half of billionaires living in the USA, the States and have a third of all millionaires.

U.S. GDP exceeds 12 trillion dollars, and a market capitalization of securities - more than 20 trillion. Thus, the net worth accounts for 10% of GDP (by the way, is lower than in Russia, with a large number of billionaires and the smaller volume of GDP) and 6% of market capitalization.

If you throw the number of millionaires in the number of Americans, it turns out that a millionaire is, on average every 100th resident of the United States. And in some states - "expensive", like New York or California, where densely populated with celebrities, a millionaire is found in every 30 people. If millionaires rode in buses, in every full bus charters in New York could be seen three or even more.

This is a very high figure compared with Europe (1 in 140-150), where a bus could hypothetically see just a millionaire. About the same alignment as in Moscow.

In 2006, the estimated association Spectrem Group, the number of American families whose condition, not including primary residence - a house or an apartment - more than $ 5 million, increased by 23% for the first time in U.S. history has exceeded one million. In 2005, families with five million in the U.S. state was 930,000. But 10 years ago in such "ultra-rich" segments of the population consisted of 250,000 families. Also, strong growth in families with an average condition for a family in more than half a million dollars. Their one year has increased by 9%, and now these families in America more than 15 million.

All this enabled the experts to talk about the phenomenon of the formation of a class of millionaires in the U.S.. What explains the emergence of this phenomenon, Radio Liberty says Director Spectrem Group Keyterin McBreen:
- Several reasons can explain this process. Shares on the Stock Exchange, in general, grew well in the past few years, although it is not too conspicuous. Quite a lot of those surveyed half of its cash successfully invested in securities. This is one source of income. Other - many of those who was among the multimillionaires - either the owners own a relatively small business, or managers of corporations.
In recent years, small and medium business is developing quite successfully, but what corporate executives are known to get very high salary plus huge bonuses. The third source of wealth - real estate. I'm talking about apartments and homes bought for investment, that is, for the rent or for resale. Someone bought the building for delivery to offices, someone - apartment buildings. The cost of all this is increased and brought in revenue.

- Where did those come from the super-rich start-up capital? Got inheritance?
- When we asked these people how they could get rich, it became clear that few of them born into a wealthy family. Most said: "We just worked a lot and, probably, we were lucky." So in America to become rich - it is achievable.

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