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How to ride the bus?

How to ride the bus?

Bus, trolley, taxi, tram or underground - to every citizen of Russia has ever had, has or will must use one of these vehicles. And everyone knows that this is not the most pleasant journey. So how to behave in public transport and what to do to own the road and did not seem to flour, and the other day did not spoil memories of the road?

Here there are two aspects: on the ethics and on the mechanics. If you look good and thoughtful, it turns out that both aspects of safe travel are closely related and interdependent. Ethics in general just seems pretentious, and the rules of etiquette confusing and complicated. In fact, any rules of etiquette developed thousands of years of human life and are based on completely objective reasons for existence.

By following simple rules, you have all chances to save and your body and your psyche. First, never stand face to the direction of the vehicle (ie face to the windshield). Mechanics motion produces a discharge of your feet unless you are standing sideways. Simply put - standing sideways to the windshield, you have to apply much less force to keep from falling, than in all other "positions stand. Yes, in the end, so much easier to sneak by you with others. In the case of singular density is to stand sideways. If so were all - image position of the people would remind herringbone obtained from tires in the snow, for example. Mechanical herringbone less convenient than when you stand sideways, but other more convenient options. Advantages of "Christmas trees" are clearly understood, if the vehicle means packed, and stand as a need. Unfortunately, these bus charter advantages are lost, if someone wanted to spit on someone else and its own convenience - and stands as a host in the middle of the living room.

Second, always obey the rules of race. You should not have their bags, hands, robe in front of other people, even If you do not touch them. Of course, in overcrowded buses do it is very difficult. But ask yourself, do you have your elbows or shoulders in close proximity to a neighbor only when vehicle is jammed? And do you apologize for it? Good if yes. By the way, all hand luggage is kept in the hands, or put on a specially provided shelves. Even if your luggage a thong - in public transport is not applicable. In addition to simple convenience of your companions you yourself will be easier to pass people and significantly reduce the probability of a theft.

Third, think about where you sit. Do you want to take risks and stay in the dark about the potential neighbor? Likewise, do not need to force people to stay in your society. Of course, there are a hopeless situation, when the question "Where sit down? "generally not worth it. But if the choice exists, observe the principles of ethics - sit on a separate seat, if you are one, and occupy the dual, if two of you. That should give way to the elderly and passengers with children, many of which it is written. But we selfish, why do you need to give them a place? The answer is very simple - to rid yourself of unnecessary problems. Even if you sure that the pangs of conscience about standing next to my grandmother in person you will not be affected - should give way to security reasons. Neither the grandparents or parents with children are simply unable to comply with the rules of mechanics in the transport, even if they known. So - if they do not give up - they will always fall on the occupants or to attack them on their feet. You are here example - sitting. Give way - it is profitable to all.

By the way, there is a rule and for parents with children. If your child is so small that sitting on your lap, they lack legs to the floor, Respect the rights of other passengers and their desire to reach a minimum in the state of purity, in which they sat in traffic. Feet the child must deal with you and only you. Neither the window (after you there will be people sitting on the wall and soil), or to a neighbor (because his desire to be clean), or to the front seat (here is a chance and that dirty in front of a seated, and that the stain  vehicle) - legs precious offspring should be just between your legs, even if you are 100% confident in their purity.

Of course, this is not all that could and would have to say about the movement of public transport. But if even these rules will be respected by each of us, did not become easier and safer way?

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