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About Neoplan
Under the brand name produced modern Neoplan buses for city, intercity and international traffic. Itself is a trademark owned by German Company Neoman ...

Rent a minibus
Our company offers transportation for small groups of people are comfortable minibuses most reliable brand in the world - Mersedes-Benz.

Buses MAN - coach MAN Lion's Coach
At first glance you can see that the Lion's Coach and triaxial Lion's Coach L are the true models of success.

Bus MAN Lion's Star
New stars in the sky journeys: "Coach of the year 2004" - Lion's Star - the highest achievement in the bus industry on European streets. ...

buses MAN Lion's City T
City bus Lion's City T and long-distance option, the bus Lion's City TU, are unmatched pair. This reduction in T means Twin:

Bus MAN Lion's City
Models Lion's City buses are the basis for building a new model line buses, which form on any city streets is only positive emotions.

Passenger: topical solution wedding hassle!
Ah, this wedding, wedding! She sang and danced, drank, biting and shouting: "Bitter!" A bitter at all and no, it was sweet, it was fun, it was ...

Transportation of employees: how to save in a crisis
Organization passenger working staff to the workplace has been wound up in many companies.

How to organize a passenger for guests
Organization of holidays always brings many troubles. And the larger the proposed celebration of the triumph, the more problems to be solved before events. ...

What is a transfer and how to cope with it?
Of course, if you got the job at the airport to meet a group of tourists, and hold them, for example, to the station, you think it is incredibly difficult. ...


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