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Bus transportation
Combined in the vast network of intercity and urban bus routes carrying more people and serve more settlements than the train and planes together,

Outdoor Facilities
Serious problem long-haul market - badly roadside service, which discourages potential customers from the bus.

Secrets Excellence
Despite severe competition in the market long haul all the time there are new players. However, to reach him, you need to get started buses.

Hard methods
As participants of the long haul market, competition in it now so tight that far before the war. Private hostilities have already place - until, fortunately ...

Revenues from the highway
Market long-distance passenger transport quietly went on a very serious turn. Recent data are as follows: bus lines connecting Russia with foreign countries, ...

Head of Tourism Working Group on bus route
Head tour group must: - know the program and conditions of service of tourist groups in each point of the route, the content and formatting rules; documents ...

Organization through service
Through service can be arranged by individual trains daily treatment, or following certain days of the week, groups of cars or individual cars,

Planning of passenger
Plans for passenger transport development perspective, annual and operational, which establishes the volume of passenger traffic by the number of departing ...

. Characteristics of Passenger Transport
Urban transport is carried out within the precincts of the cities and townships and constitute the largest share (70%). Feature of urban transport a large ...

Operation of passenger transport problems and solutions
The degree of satisfaction of needs of the population in the transport is achieved through: a) coordination and systematization of various transport systems, ...


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