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Bus tours in Germany
Despite the fact that Germany was in principle not perceived as the world's "number one tourist destination, there are many historical and cultural ...

Freight and Transport
Today, most logistics organizations offer their customers such services as freight forwarding.

Intercity buses St. Petetrburg: bus transportation from St. Petersburg
Passenger buses are divided into urban, suburban, long distance, international, for individual orders (carriage of delegations, tourists, holiday, etc.). ...

Bus transportation of children.
Bus transportation of children - is one of the most critical types of passengers.

Kiev coach - more than 80 years

NeoLaz - great Ukrainian bus
"NeoLAZ" - essentially a new modern tourist bus polutoraetazhny enhanced comfort. "Time Machine" called reporters this unique development ...

The longest and large buses
Most long articulated buses "DAF Super City Train" have a length of 32.2 m.

Superliner LAZ-Ukraine-73
The first and only Soviet bus, is a real world-class liner ( "Driving", 5, 1975). Created in a single copy of Lvov bus plant in 1973.

The earliest buses
The world's first bus produced in 1801, Richard Trevitik, and his demonstration was held on 24 December the same year in Kemborne, Kornoull (England). ...

Ukrbus - bus transportation
Company Ukrbus was founded in early 2007. But, despite his youth, the company has considerably strengthened the domestic transport market, becoming a full ...


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