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Neoplan Skyliner
History About 35 years ago began the history of the "Heavenly liner, when the autumn of 1967 at Hanover Motor Show first debuted the first two-storey ...

Mercedes-Benz CapaCity
The longest bus from before the last few years new products on the right can be regarded as Mercedes-Benz CapaCity. This representative of a number of ...

Advantages and disadvantages of bus tours
At present, travel by bus is increasing interest among tourists. This is due to a number of advantages.

Bus Amphibian
Almost every day there are new items in the car world, but the bus amphibious not yet. This original idea belongs to the Scottish designer George Smith, ...

In the journey - by bus
We all love traveling. Wherever we were directed - in a study tour on the outskirts of his native city in an Audi A3 or a distant exotic country by plane ...

In surveys, domestic bus PAZ-3205 is by far the most "popular" and accessible domestic bus. There are a variety modification of this model bus ...

Features of the lease of buses and minibuses
Bus rental demand in those cases, if you plan a corporate outing on the nature or the need to organize the transport staff to and from work.

New rules for buses and minibuses
Today it is difficult to find a family, not owning their own car. Some people surf the big city on the hummer, someone owns a more modest car. However, ...

Bus - for all occasions!
Bus - a very convenient transportation. It can accommodate many people, with very comfortable accommodation. Bus can be ordered for various purposes.

Bus passengers. Categories buses
Bus passenger transport - is the most efficient way to move both in the city, and on intercity routes.


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