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Why Advertise on Busquotes.us?

1. Lock in more charter services via telephone.

  • More advertising on the internet equals more business.

2 Mark up trips and get the maximum money.

  • When you have more interests in your service, you can book at more profitable rates.
  • People getting quotes from the competitors online are more than lilley getting higher prices making your rates look a lot better.

3. You will make more business for charter bus service.

  • The easier you make it for the customer the easier it will be for them to book bus services.
  • Customers can immediatley see what you offer as far as pricing, buses, etc... 
  • The calls you receive will be from more serious customers.

          What amount of calls will you receive from posting?
It all depends on where you want to advertise, your bus types, the rates you have posted and other aspects of your company. You can try it    free for a  month before deciding if its worth it. You will receive a monthly report.



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