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Growth needs of people in transport entails a natural development of the transport system: introduction commissioning of new rolling stock of passenger transport, modernization of existing models of cars, the quantitative growth number of vehicles, the emergence of new routes. 

Despite the fact that the leaflet advertising in land transport - a relatively new kind of advertising, she quickly gained strong position at the Kharkov advertising market. And it is natural, as the ads at Kharkov transport has a number of indisputable advantages:

The huge passenger flows, which are daily engaged in socially heterogeneous target audience of potential consumers,
that gives the opportunity to promote a wide range of goods and services.

Since most of the urban transport of passengers making regular daily trips on the same routes,advertising in transport ensures a high frequency and regularity of contacts with the target audience by advertising.

Minimum cost when referring to people who live in certain areas of the city. If you focus on people some area, it's the advertising, which directly "hit the target.

The relative cheapness, the optimum size and convenient location.

The complexity and confusion of routes gives rise to a feeling ubiquity of advertising.

Relatively long duration of exposure to the consumer. This increases the memorability of the advertising information, not provoking "effect of rejection" of advertising. 

Years of experience our staff has allowed the advertising agency to create a reliable system of sequential steps for clear order execution in all phases of work: 
development models;
knowledgeable selection of block programs;
qualified to work with transport companies to deploy and control the display of advertising flyers.

Advertising inside the passenger compartment - a simple way to make "work" your phone, website.

Advertising on buses 

At the beginning of 2008 there are 174 route minibuses and buses. But since the approval of freight transport issued more than 60 road carriers and entrepreneurs, an advertising campaign end advertisers extremely difficult. 

Our agency has extensive experience with most truckers. In the price lists for vehicle graphics you can find a list of popular routes in terms of advertising with an estimated value of the display of leaflets of various formats  A4 and A5 within a month. 

When placing flyers in atobusah must take into account several factors:
interior design of the vehicle;
allocated space for the flyers;
format and execution of leaflets;

In urban routes, we have the opportunity to place flyers on the front panel in the peri-urban and lounges coaches. This category of vehicles to transport passengers in cities and district centers. Moreover suburban bus route often passes through the city, covering commercial centers, residential areas, metro station.

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